The HUNTERRA Mobile Map™

Since 2010 we've made a name for ourselves by pioneering the custom printed maps market for anyone who needs to make a decision on land. Whether you are hunting, farming, selling, buying, planting, ranching, or navigating, we take great pride in delivering real solutions while staying on the cutting edge of technology. Although our printed maps will always be the go-to product that HUNTERRA is known for, we are excited to announce that you can now have that same renowned 3D TerraImage™ in HD display on your phone or tablet.


The new HUNTERRA Mobile Map gives you instant access to an ultra-detailed GPS-enabled map, through your mobile device, without requiring any cellular service (after you initially download it one time). With it, you'll be able to access your map and utilize tools like dropping pins, measuring distance and area, and recording GPS tracks. Lay out your entry and exit routes, keep the latest snapshot of your stands and trail cameras, and measure that next food plot all while having a map that shows the cover and elevation that surrounds you.


It's important to note that this is not a custom application that we have developed. You won't find any results by searching for "HUNTERRA" in the app store. By utilizing the industry-leading digital map publisher application Avenza Maps, we deliver this phenomenal new scouting tool. Only you and authorized users will be able to access the map, and nobody else.


The process for getting a HUNTERRA Mobile Map™ for your property is the same as ordering printed maps. After you submit an order on our website, we will create a draft for you to review and approve. Once you approve the final map design, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your HUNTERRA Mobile Map™. You will be able to download the file three times before it expire.


Is this the HUNTERRA app?

No. We have not created a custom application that you would find in your iTunes or Google Play, but rather are creating a file that you will receive a link to. When you have the correct third party app (Avenza Maps) loaded onto your mobile device, you will click a special link that we'll email, which will automatically load the HUNTERRA Mobile Map into your Avenza Maps application.

How many times can I access my HUNTERRA Mobile Map?

Once you load the map into your Avenza Maps library, you can access it as many times as you'd like. The link will only work for three "loads" onto a device though. That means you can download it three times onto your device, or let two other friends download and access it as well. Once the third download occurs, you will need to purchase license to access it again. The only time you would need to download it multiple times on your device is if you wanted one for say all of your off-season layouts, and another for in-season. Or if you deleted the map from the library.

What features does the HUNTERRA Mobile Map have?

There are three essential tools in the Avenza Maps application. 1. You can drop pins, change their color, label, and add attributes. This will be for laying out all of your stands, cameras, blinds, feeders, scrapes, rubs, and other "points" of interest. 2. You can precisely measure distances and areas with different units. 3. You can record GPS tracks, which will be for recording where you've walked if you are tracking a wounded animal, shed hunting, or laying out entry and exit routes.

Do I need cell service, and does it use cellular data?

No and no. Once the map is loaded onto our device (it's suggested that you load it while on a wi-fi network to avoid using about 30mb of data), the app requires zero cell service to view and use. Heck, you could even keep your phone on "airplane" mode and it would still work fine.