We are a team of elite cartography experts that are pioneering the creation of custom maps. Armed with the most current high-resolution imagery, cutting-edge software, and a laser-focused work ethic, we create beautifully superior map products—one at a time— for hunters, land specialists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Ben Harshyne Founder, Chief

    The brand architect. Ben drives our innovation and is responsible for business development. A Whitetail fanatic, he isn’t around the office much come fall.

  • Kate Harshyne Chief of Production

    The company keystone. Kate ensures our workflow is a well-oiled machine, and is renowned by our clients. She delivers haymakers of kindness.

  • Jason Brady Cartographer

    The map wizard. Jason brings boatloads of spatial expertise to our team. A native of the West, terrain and open country are dear to his heart.

  • Chris Cochran Materials Director

    The substrate guru. Chris has over three decades of commercial printing in his rearview mirror, and more ahead. He keeps us on the cutting edge of print technology.

  • Kris Davis Fulfillment Manager

    The hard goods manager. Kris leads our fulfillment squadron, and ensures that no client’s map is left behind. Her eye for consistent quality drives our success.

  • Lyle Harshyne Supervisor

    The official HUNTERRA mascot. Every day is "Take Your Dog to Work Day" with him in the Map Cave. Also known as The Company Bear Rug, he is easily bribed with carrots, ice cubes, and Kongs.

Client Testimonials

HUNTERRA makes all of my maps and they are incredible, beautiful and functional pieces of art. They didnt ask me to write this and they don't sponsor me. I order my maps from HUNTERRA just like everyone else, but I feel strongly that this is information that every outdoorsman deserves to have at their fingertips.

Donnie VincentRenowned Filmmaker and Hunting Ambassador

When I’m planning where to hang stands, where to plant food plots, or how to approach these ambush opportunities, I start with my HUNTERRA Poster map. Then when I’m actually in the field, scouting or hunting I reference my HUNTERRA Field map that I keep folded in my back pocket or in my backpack. In addition to being extremely lucid, these Field Maps are virtually indestructible! And finally, at the end season I review my HUNTERRA map to determine what I did right, what I did wrong, and what I plan on doing next season. I can’t imagine hunting without HUNTERRA.

Dan PerezWhitetail Properties Broker

I use HUNTERRA maps for work and to enhance my hunting enjoyment and success. I’ve used them in multiple states with varying topographies and cover types and have always been impressed with their quality. My HUNTERRA map of our family farm accompanies me on every hunt and few things I use are as helpful and durable.

Kip AdamsQDMA Director of Education

When it comes to managing and understanding my hunting properties for deer, high quality maps are of the utmost importance. With Hunterra maps, I've found the ultimate tool for the job.

Mark KenyonJournalist and Founder of Wired to Hunt

All hunts and land deals begin with an aerial photo. In my mind efficiency and accuracy are key components of all my hunts and land sales. HUNTERRA is the stand alone choice for my colleagues and I to consistently evaluate all properties we have the privilege of hunting or selling. The imagery and quality of the product is unmatched, giving us the advantage we need for each trip to the field.

Aaron MillikenWhitetail Properties Illinois Land Specialist

Hunters are always looking for the next best option to have success to their name. HUNTERRA Mapping is a company that will give you an advantage when chasing a mature whitetail. I personally am excited for maps and using them for the upcoming season. My favorite feature of the map is the ability to write, draw, design on them. As a hunter, making notes throughout the summer months will increase my chances in the field. I am able to write on the map and mark down bedding areas, stand locations, and enter/exit strategies from the stand. As a fellow hunter, I encourage every hunter to have a Hunterra Map!

Drake PollardCo-Founder of Over Yonder Outdoors

HUNTERRA has been able to produce large quality maps that I have used in various deer workshops to educate others on Quality Deer Management here in Kansas. They have a great staff that was willing to help and made the process of ordering high quality maps easy at a great value.  HUNTERRA is also a great partner in conservation and preserving our hunting heritage for the next generation of QDM’ers, which is also important to me as a hunter. I see these maps as another tool in managing deer in the future and if we can do things better, than why not.

Tim DongesPresident of QDMA Bluestem Branch KS

These maps are fantastic! I wanted something more than just a satellite image of my properties and my HUNTERRA maps are exactly what I was looking for. By placing colored post-it markings to indicate stand, trail camera and food plot locations, the maps give an accurate visual reference of how my farms are laid out. However, the real bonus is the terrain shown in their maps. I was amazed at how accurate the elevations and ridges truly reflect my hunting properties. All three maps are posted in my change room to help us determine where to hunt and the terrain is a key factor in making that decision by helping to predict wind direction and deer movement. Get yourself a set of these maps, you won’t be disappointed.

Jeremy MeadsSatisfied Iowa Client

If you want the best aerial map on the market for your property, look no further than HUNTERRA Mapping! HUNTERRA maps are the clearest, best quality maps with the highest level of detail on the market today, they are simply the best!

Jeff PropstDrury Outdoors Pro Staff and Whitetail Properties MO Land Specialist

Everyone always asks how we are able to get on top end deer year after year in multiple states. I will tell you one part of the secret, we use HUNTERRA Maps to outline our farms and to pinpoint stand locations. The quality and detail of the maps are unmatched and when you are chasing trophy whitetails, every detail counts.

Joe GizdicWhitetail Properties IL Land Specialist, Tall Tine Outfitters Owner and Professional Guide

We love our HUNTERRA maps! One in the truck, the office, the Ranger and on the refrigerator to mark the stands we'll be in that day. These maps are rugged, durable, and first class all at once. We would recommend these maps to anyone.

Even our kids love the maps for planning where to go today on the farm, or which trail or food plot to work on.

The Tadlock FamilyIA

There isn't a more essential tool than a HUNTERRA Map when you get a new farm to hunt. Nothing helps you more when trying to find the pinch points and best spots to hang stands than their detailed aerial maps that also show terrain. I never walk onto a new farm without a Field Map.

Dane TitmanMidwest Addiction

We manage a large property in North Central Pennsylvania.  HUNTERRA maps have been an awesome addition to our management planning. The clarity of the imagery has allowed us to have a bird’s eye view of 4000 acres.  The clarity and 3 dimensional view gives us great advantage when placing tree stands throughout the property by being able to see travel routes between bedding areas and food plots. The maps have given us the ability to locate and outline our sanctuaries as well as gridding out the property for mineral sites. We have been able to follow our timber management and plan future cuts as well. They offer a perfect selection of map sizes so that you can plan at camp or take some to the field with  you. The folks at HUNTERRA were very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and suggetsted/modified the maps to fit our property needs. I would recommend HUNTERRA to anyone wanting to improve their property for hunting or managing of any sort, regardless of size.

Brian GillettePresident of QDMA North Central Whitetails Branch PA

As a top hunting outfitter in Illinois and Missouri, HUNTERRA maps are a vital aspect of our organization. We use these maps for a variety of things, from strategic food plots and stand placement, to familiarizing clients with the terrain. Poster size aerial maps span our walls and waterproof field maps go to the farms with our clients. The quality is top notch. I haven’t found a map that can touch these!

Hunter StillOwner​ of ​Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters

I can not say enough about the quality, accuracy, and detail of the maps that HUNTERRA has produced for us. These maps are a must-have for every hunter, and are a great tool for outdoorsmen in general. Most importantly, Ben and Kate from HUNTERRA are focused on making the client happy and building relationships with their customer base.

Clayton BlumMO

HUNTERRA maps are extremely detailed and durable maps. They have been a huge help when strategizing on big bucks on all my farms!

Tom WareDrury Outdoors Pro Staff